Never giving up and pushing forward will unlock all the potential we are capable of      (Christy Borgeld)


I am a former senior advisor to the Canadian Minister of Health. Now practising a healthy lifestyle,  I am also  an author, a fluently bilingual motivational speaker, a public relations specialist, and an inspirational blogger.  

A mother of 3 teenage daughters,  I was diagnosed with breast cancer while in my mid forties in 2007. I had a double mastectomy and reconstruction followed by 8 rounds of chemotherapy. Many of my doctors credited my good physical fitness for making it through the rigours of a 10 ½ hour operation followed by the trials and tribulations of chemotherapy.

My inspiration comes from many different sources. For one thing, I’m a runner. It took me a long time to actually say this and mean it. I always thought I was a fake when I said it. I needed to believe it myself. I started running the year before my diagnosis, and ran my first half Marathon in Montreal that same year. I was back on my feet as soon as I could following the mastectomies and reconstruction, and continued running through chemotherapy. I don’t run fast, and I’m probably not one of the most elegant runners, but I have grown to love the sport.

The time I spend pounding the pavement…….or chasing flies like some people refer it to…..is also the time I spend to think through many issues; whether it’s related to my profession, my health, or my personal life and family. I can usually think through an issue while on a run. I come back with not only a positive outlook, but a serenity that I wish everyone could experience. I also come back with some dreams….and this blog is one of them.

Healthy living is a passion of mine. Besides running, this includes meditation, eating healthy food, and reducing the high level of stress I carried around for so many years.  I am proud to share my feelings, and my experiences with all of you, and I hope you are touched and motivated to seek out a healthy lifestyle of your own. Enjoy!


Richmond, Virginia         Ottawa, Canadian Army          26.2 for Donna

Half Marathon                Half Marathon                          Half Marathon


Other Activities

Andrea is a frequent contributer to the "Huffington Post"  Healthy Living section, as well as the "Cornwall Free News"  where she offers her thoughts and ideas on living a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Her story is featured in a chapter in Chris Geiger's book, The Cancer Survivor's Club.

Andrea is available to speak to groups to discuss her experience as a breast cancer survivor and the benefits of running and being positive in the face of adversity.