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Being Thankful

Let's face it. There are always days where we get up and feel down and out of it. We may have had a hard night where the hot flashes were particularly bad, or we were thinking of projects we had to complete for the job, or our bank accounts that are just not full enough. We start our day feeling depleted of energy and in a very negative way.

But there are always people who have it worse off than we do. I take, for example, the people I met while undergoing chemotherapy. My last four treatments kept me in the hospital for the entire day. I usually shared a room with another patient. We were put in hospital beds, as opposed to chairs, because our treatments required it.

For each of my last treatments the individual I was sharing my room with was much worse off than I was. Often they were undergoing their 30th treatment or even more. A couple of them had been undergoing chemotherapy on and off for more than two years.

I often think of those people today. They were inspiring to me.  I would think to myself that I should not be down and out about my own predicament. There are many people with hardships and lives much worse than my own. I would give thanks for my life, and everything I appreciated in it.

Today I give thanks much more than I used to. I have a lot to be thankful for, as well as much more to be thankful for in the future. Obviously I give thanks for the special people in my life.... my family and friends. But it's the small things in life that are often taken for granted that I am thankful for the most. I am thankful for my strong legs during each run (it's a more emotional thank you during a runner's high). I am thankful for a sunny day, a warm house on a really cold day, and car that's reliable........you name it.

It may not always work, but most times it does. Try being grateful for the small things in your life; particularly when you're in the dumps......it could make a big difference.


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