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Planning is Good, but Action is Better!

I'm sure all of us have been in this boat once in awhile. You know, the one where we can find all sorts of excuses under the sun to not do something. For example, what runner has decided they would put off their run on account of the weather? We all know up here in Canada how easy THAT is....

Or what about the excuses while you're in a runner's slump......... I'll take some time off to let my body heal properly, and start up again in one week.......that turns into two weeks.......or sometimes even three.

And what about that other excuse that we have too much work to do? Our job's too time consuming, and we're sooooo stressed out. Something has to give in our superbe management of time.......might as well be the run.

Well, guess what? They are just excuses. Now I'm the first one sitting here laughing. I'm laughing at myself, because I am guilty of all of this. In fact, I can be the queen of excuses. I am also the princess of organization. I am sooo good at planning, that it eats away at the time that things need to get done!

As is the case with anyone looking at getting into shape, training for a marathon, beating cancer, or just becoming an overall  better person, you need to move on with it and start acting as if you want it. It's fine to plan a strategy, write your intentions down and map it in your mind. But you have to follow through with action, or else they will remain where they are; a good plan on paper.

I have often said this to my daughters. I have strived to be that example for them, although I'm sure they have rolled their eyes at my stupidity from time to time. On the other hand.....I'm sure they have thought that I had a point once in awhile as well.

I use today as my example. It was a gorgeous spring day. Sunny and warm. There was a Saint Patrick's Day parade downtown that a friend of mine was going to. She had asked me to join her, if I had the time. Unfortunately, time is something that is all too scarce in my life. I could easily fit 24 more hours into my day, and have work, activities and training to fill it. I usually would have declined. I would have too much to do. I have to get ready for my work week. Prepare all the meals for the week, do all the laundry, finish the speech I was working on......

But I took that quick command decision. I was going to the parade, and I was going to have fun! Spend a few hours with Stephanie and Emma, and my friend Elyse, doing nothing but laugh wave at the floats passing by, and enjoy! And it was worth every minute!

So the next time you think you should do something, whether it's to cross something off your "to do" list, or fullfill a promise to one of your friends or family, do it. Right away. It will be one less thing you have to think of. One less thing that will clutter your brain. Another good time that you can cherish. You'll be happy you did!

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Reader Comments (2)

Hey mom,

This is an amazing blog. very true, everyone needs more time in there day. this was a true pleasure to read. Yes you do tell us to do those things but I never role my eyes at you I listen I'm just really good at putting in an 'I don't care' face. I actually listen to everything you have to say. Thank you for being my inspiration.



March 20, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterzaz
November 21, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterbaby

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