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Life is a Great Gift

You can ask any cancer survivor, and they'll tell you how precious life is. This is often because a good hard look at death, in the face, has a way of reminding you how lucky you are to be alive. Most survivors speak of the incredible transformations in their lives. A cancer survivor is a different person after treatment; a new person in many ways.  As a survivor, I learned that, and I appreciate a whole lot more of what life has to give me now. I don't take as much for granted, and I live in the moment. I am thankful for the people around me, and, as time goes by, these people reflect the determination, positivity and lust for life that now fuels my soul.

And the reason that all this happens.......this love of life that is uncovered by those of us who have been there.........is because we have all overcome great obstacles. Don't get me wrong. There are many people who are inspirational who have not gone through excessive hardship, fought through a disease or dealt with a serious and life changing injury. They are the ones who get it. They come equipped with a mind that's open, and enough wisdom to live for the moment.

For the rest of us mortals, myself included, we had to overcome hardship in a variety of ways to get to where we are.

So here I am, cancer survivor, runner and mother extraordinare.......a changed person after getting over the obstacle of disease with some precious lessons learned. I am no longer that person that was thinking what I was going to say next, while not listening to the person who was speaking in front of me. I no longer will the days to go by with lightening speed in anticipation of a fun party with friends, a special trip, or just a regular weekend. Think of what cherished moments, as small as they may be in comparison, you would have missed in your haste. I am probably still guilty of wanting to get a kagillion things accomplished in my day, but I am getting much better at slowing myself down to live in the moment.

And it's in those moments that you will see the beautiful sunrise, be able to wipe a tear from your daughter's face, listen to your child's oral presentation for school, or simply cuddle with that special person wrapped in a blanket and perhaps reading a book. It's in that moment that you'll find a shiny lucky penny on the side of the road, or burst out laughing after you hear the tissue joke for the two hundreth time.

Many special people have overcome their great obstacles, and have become inspirational to more people in return. Take people like Rick Hansen, whose mantra, "anything is possibe" fueled him, and inspired people all over the world to help fund spinal cord research. Ottawa's celebrated Greg Hebert, who had a special day named for him today by the City of Ottawa, is a local example. His attitude and willpower have helped inspire many cancer patients, and his efforts have led to thousands of dollars being raised for cancer research.

These people have attitude, and determination grows our of their hardship. So pay heed to these words of wisdom. Raise your expectations of life, and you will rise along with them. Enjoy the moment.



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