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The Real You

The majority of people out there in the world are like onions. Lots of layers need to be peeled away to get to the inner core. We protect ourselves, and shield others from our "real" selves, because our "real" selves don't think they're good enough on their own.

There are many reasons for this. For some, it's the upbringing they had that has resulted in lots of protective walls being built around them. For others, it's the belief that people couldn't possibly like their true selves. Whether it's self inflicted, or the result of true life hardships, your task is the same. You can't live life to the fullest, or experience real feelings of joy without that raw exposure. Your family, friends and loved ones will never get that true glimpse of your authentic self without taking down those walls.

And if people don't get to see the "real" you, then how can they be that support system for you? How can they respond to your needs? How can you benefit from having someone who truly knows you and loves you for who you are if you don't let them know who you truly are?

The "real" you needs to be there at the start line of that marathon so that you can truly run that race and enjoy it.....no matter what your time is. The "real" you needs to be at your doctor's office so that they can truly treat your ailments.

But it takes courage for those that have so many layers and such thick walls, to peel them off and knock them down. It's much easier to go with the status quo. Choosing to continue living with your ideal self instead of your true self takes less effort. To continue to do so enables your ideal self to keep on going, even thogh the "real" you needs to be heard.

So do yourself a favour today. Start listening to yourself. What makes you the most happy during that run? What are you feeling? Do you want to run 12k that day, or do you have to? The more you peel those layers back, the simpler your life will become, and the happier you'll be.

Today I congratulate all those who live up to their real selves. I praise them for having the fortitude to show their inner beauty to the world, and I acknowledge the amount of bravery it takes to be that person.


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