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Working Hand in Hand

Isn't it wonderful that life is full of ah ha moments? When your mind is alert and open enough, they can happen all the time. I had one of mine during my long run last weekend. I was doing a 12k run on Saturday, and decided to listen to a CD on chi running. Whenever I'm in that frame of mind, I listen to a variety of audio tapes while on a long run, because I have the opportunity of over an hour of time all to myself.......no distractions.

Chi running combines elements of the practise of Tai chi with running. Learning these techniques will enable the runner to run injury free, if they're used correctly.

I have often discussed the power of the mind in this blog. I know I totally believe it, and, although I still have my weak moments, I have continued to exercise it and use it to my advantage more and more often. So, much to my dismay, as I was running down the road listening to explainations about breathing techniques, and proper posture came the ah ha moment. Most people believe that the power of the mind  works over matter, and that is how it is successful.

But, apparently, that is not the case. Mind, in fact, works hand in hand with matter. It is not the triumph of one over the other, but the marriage of the two together. And that makes a lot of sense! Like everything else, it's the natural flow and working together; it's the understanding of your body, and feeling the pain, and working to repair it along with the mind.

That few seconds of wisdom has probably changed the way I run, and the way I work through most challenges in my life. A great lesson learned!

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