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The Best Gift- Ever!

As my three daughters are growing up, they like to plan and prepare some surprises of their own. As it was Mother's Day this past weekend, they were definately on high surprise alert! There was lots of whispering, followed by enthusiastic offers to accompany me to do errands at a local store. Every year my daughters ask me what I would like for Mother's Day, and each year I reply that I want to spend time with them, and I want lots of hugs and kisses (I wasn't called the hugs and kisses monster for nothing!). Of course, they always roll their eyes, and groan because I never give them any ideas. To be completely honest, I don't want anything. That is the truth. With my career still eating away a lot of my time, the best gift I can receive is the love and time spent with my family.

As a result of my stubbornness, the girls have become very creative in their gift giving. Last year, for Mother's Day, they made a powerpoint presentation of the evolution of our family over the years, and their role in it, that had me reduced, partly in laughter, and in part to tears!

This year they were wondering how they were going to beat the specialness of last year's gift. I suppose this is what caused the intensified whispering that was happening on Saturday morning.  They were up in Stephanie's room from late afternoon until supper time on Saturday, and went right upstairs once the meal was over to continue their project.

And the result was the nicest, most thoughtful gift I have ever received. It was a testament to how well they know me, as a person and an individual. It was a tribute to the lessons they have learned over years of their lives. My gift from them was a vision board. It had words and pictures on it, lovingly cut out from a variety of magazines, and displayed in a collage of dreams and aspirations of the plans and visions I have for the future. Everything was there, from my goal to complete a full marathon, to publishing a book, to having that house on the beach. It was organized in a way that astounded me, and was so completely what I would have put on there myself, that I was speechless.

There is no better tribute than knowing that someone knows and understands you so completely. There is no better testament of love. But what makes me the most proud, is that they have such a solid foundation to be happy, successful and openminded individuals in their future. They can build on these practices at such a young age, and follow their hearts and be confident about their choices.

For me there is no better compliment than knowing the example I am setting is a good and positive one. Realizing how powerful your mind is, and the multitude of opportunity that's out there is a gift for anyone; no matter how old you are. For me, it took being diagnosed with cancer to figure it out. I can just imagine what lays ahead for my daughters, Stephanie, Alexandra and Emma. To them, I give my heartfelt gratitude (along with lots of hugs and kisses). Thanks for making my day so special.

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