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Time for Renewal

As the new school year is settling into the semblance of a routine, so is my running schedule. Summertime, along with vacation time, and great weather can knock you off your most faithful schedule. So I have put my mind back to the task of regular running.

Not that a break is bad for you either.....as long as the void is filled with alternate forms of exercise. In my case, it was. Lots of time spent in the swimming pool, and going on long walks. I also did free weights, along with toning and pilates workouts with my three daughters. My eldest, Stephanie, is an excellent work out instructor. I always tell her she should teach a course in her free time from her college studies. She's very motivating, and a natural! Alexandra, the middle one, usually did the workout with us, and Emma, the youngest, opted to be a total soccer gal, and selected the music we listened to during our workout.

Along with my running routine I also decided to update my affirmations. One of my immediate ones will be to choose my next running race. Although I know that choosing a race is very motivating by itself, I have been procrastinating. So I will train for my next half marathon injury free, and run my race in record time and with ease. It better not be too hilly! The affirmations are a must for me, as I like to go over them in the morning when I meditate.  There is always one that covers my running, but I have others that cover my personal life, health and career. When I visualize myself having realized these goals, the feeling of accomplishment is warm and invigorating.

And just as I'm getting my world organized, my daughter, Emma is organizing her belongings in order to pack for camp.  She is going to leadership camp tomorrow morning for three days. Regardless of my busy schedule, I always feel a void when one of my "babies" is out of the nest. As I was helping her pack, I noticed, with pride, the way she was organized and had everything neatly packed in her suitcase. In her last year in elementary school, she will learn some of the principles of being an effective leader, and will put them to use with the students in the lower grades.

And having the confidence to be inspiring to others is how I have been bringing up my daughters. I hope they will be effective leaders in whatever they decide to do with their lives. Anyone who has had that special teacher with that gift for teaching, or that boss who was tough, but encouraging knows what I am talking about. My daughters often tease me when I listen to the variety of CD  books I have in my car. My collection is inspiring, positive and you learn something new every time you listen to them.

Over the years I have strived to be a positive example to them. I want them to know that they can overcome any hardship, and can aspire to do anything they want to. There are times they will complain to me that they are feeling too fat or will never be able to do well in math. My answer to them is to change the message in their mind to reflect success. People of influence do this all the time. So do star athletes and patients overcoming a terrible disease.

And so can I! So as I sit here with my new affirmations, and my revised and improved running schedule all sorted out, I am grateful for the choices I am able to make. I am ever optimistic about my future, and know I'm on the right path. And while Emma's eagerly anticipating the fun she will have at camp with her friends, I will smile and send her off with pride...and maybe a tear or two that will be hastily wiped off my cheeks as the bus pulls away.

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