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Valentine's Day

What a wonderful day today!  It's Valentine's Day. Time to wear red and eat some chocolate without feeling the guilt. My girls always get excited about Valentine's Day. When they were younger we would buy packages of little cards, and they would diligently get out their class lists and write a card for their teachers as well as all the students in their class. My youngest daughter, Emma, is still doing this; probably for the last time, as she will go to high school next year.  

Alexandra, my middle daughter loves the day because she gets a free dress day at school and doesn't have to wear her uniform. She's going to see a romantic movie after school with some of her girlfriends.

As for me; I can't help but think of this time last year. I was on the beach in Jacksonville, Florida, running a half marathon in the 26.2 with Donna.  This is a remarkable race that does so much good for cancer research as well as families of cancer patients or cancer patients themselves that are in need of financial assistance. Part of the race course is right on the beach, which, for a snow bunny like me, from the North, is a real treat! I heard that they made record amounts in fundraising this year, and the whole race organization should be very proud! I hope to return to Jacksonville again next year to run on that beautiful beach once again. This is one of those races that you can't say no to after you run it the first time.

Yes, Valentine's Day and the memories made on this day in the course of a lifetime can be heartwarming and fun. But for all the love in the air on this day, we sometimes forget the most important person in our lives; ourselves.  

What about us? We're the most forgotten, the item on our to-do list that is left for last, and never got around to. The corner that's cut when life gets too hectic and busy. It's even been said that it's human nature to put ourselves last. It's generous and thoughtful. Many people roll their eyes at even the suggestion of professing self love. It is somehow selfish and egotistical.  But those skeptics couldn't be far enough from the truth.

Conveniently forgotten by many, complimenting oneself and doing things like feeding your body healthy foods and exercising are essential to having a healthy body.  Taking time out for yourself and making sure that your needs are met will not only improve your own life, but the lives of the family and friends around you.

Taking an hour to meditate, do a yoga class or go out for a run is good for your mind and body.  It's important to do whatever it takes to make you happy and fulfilled.

So don't forget to give a gift to yourself, and go ahead today and shower yourself with love. Do at least one thing that will make you happy today. And that one thing you choose to do is actually a gift to those around you as well.   You will be appreciated more, and you will appreciate life more as well.

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