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Just a Little Push

Yesterday was a typical Saturday, and a busy day. I was up early, and was ready to go out before 10 am. This is surprising in itself, as I was out bowling with my daughters on Friday night, and only got home after 10 pm. Stephanie, my eldest, is a debutante in an upcoming ball at the end of the month, and they had this night of fun planned for the debutantes, their escorts, family and friends. Now to put things in perspective, I have not gone bowling in at least two decades. Yes, I have made my way to bowling allies during that time, but it was only to drop one of my daughters off at a birthday party.  So after we got our lovely rented bowling shoes, I asked the gentleman who served us for a score card. They all must have had a good laugh, as, apparently, scores have been computerized for quite some years! In the end, we had a really fun evening, and even had our own, ready-made team, as, besides Stephanie, my other daughters Alexandra and Emma, as well as two of Stephanie's friends played with us.

So.....getting back to Saturday morning....Besides the few errands I had, I also wanted to get to the gym. I set out with Stephanie, and we did one errand before heading to the gym. I was looking forward to my workout, as I had a busy work week, and not much time for the gym. I ran just under five kilometers on the treadmill, followed by ten kilometers on the bike, and some arm weights to complete it. It felt great! After the gym, we had a few more errands to run, and, after all that, managed to get home by 3 pm.  After soaking my tired muscles in a much needed bath, I started making dinner.  By then I had that feeling of being content. You know the one where you have had a lot to do, but you did it; including that all important stop at the gym? I was looking forward to sitting on the couch with a good book or perhaps to watch a movie. 

But someone had other plans for me last night. Emma really wanted to play on the Wii. Not entirely what I had in mind. As I started listing all the reasons why I didn't want to play, followed by promises that I would play with her sometime the next day, my conscious got the better of me.  I was out for half the day. She stayed home, as she slept in later, and was feeling a little under the weather. She always loves coming out with me, and was sad that she had to stay home. I thought it wouldn't hurt to play on the Wii for half an hour with her. So Emma and I headed downstairs to the basement; soon to be joined by Stephanie and Alexandra. The four of us sat there with our Wii paddles, and, the more we played, the more energy we seemed to get, and the more fun we had. We ended up spending our evening downstairs, and any plans to put a movie on after that didn't last long. We soon headed upstairs, and flopped into bed.

And what is the moral of my story? As with everything else; whether it's that run you keep putting off until later, or starting to write that book. Sometimes it's just that little push you need to get started. The sense of accomplishment and and the satisfaction of getting it done are well worth it. The pride you have in yourself, and the sense of peace and well-being that permeates your soul is what life is about! And to top it all off, it's fun! Thanks, Emma, for that little push!

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